About Us

SANREA HEALTHCARE PRODUCTS PRIVATE LIMITED is a Medical Glove manufacturing company established in 2012 located in KINFRA Integrated Industrial & Textile Park, Palakkad, Kerala, India.

The factory is equipped with state of the art multi glove production facility capable of manufacturing disposable gloves using natural and synthetic latex . The promoters of SANREA with their past experience in the glove manufacturing field have come up with this facility (having a capacity of 2 Million Pairs per month) ,for development of disposable gloves with innovative production technologies keeping at par with the international standards. SANREA guarantees a safe and reliable glove manufactured under stringent production hygiene and quality check parameters.

SANREA HEALTHCARE manufactures Sterile Latex Surgical Gloves for use by Surgeons with precise sizing (from size 5.5 to size 9) and higher specifications. Our gloves being anatomic in shape and its perfectly to the surgeon’s hand enabling him a better grip and functionality while performing surgery. These gloves come in powdered and powder free forms. SANREA also manufactures Sterile Latex Gynecologic Gloves for use in Gynec / Obstetric procedures. SANREA has also come up with a sterile examination gloves for use by nurses and OT staff who is not directly involved in surgical procedures.

Apart from gloves for the medical sector, SANREA is engaged in the manufacture of gloves for the Pharmaceutical industries. These gloves are non powdered in nature as the same is to be used in critical areas in the pharmaceutical industry. Pharmaceutical industries requires gloves of various lengths which SANREA is specialized in.

Our Products

Glove for Medical sector
Powdered/Powder Free
Glove for Pharma Sector
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